Maintaining the Horror Campaign – Introduction

Section 0 – Why?! WHY?!! “Do you like Scary Movies?” It’s a common question. One that could pop up when working with a new co-worker out in the field, or behind the registers. One that you need to show a bit of jurisprudence with. It’s a safe bet that the person who is asking this … Continue reading

Dungeon Mastering Horror: Tips on making your Halloween D&D game memorable

So I realize I’ve been lagging in my posts. Then I agonized about reviewing something, but I couldn’t settle on anything. Then it came to me: As someone who loves Halloween and horror games, why not impart a little wisdom on you aspiring DMs out there on how to make your Halloween D&D night memorable? … Continue reading

From the archives: Immersing players in the fictional world I’ve created

Please forgive the lateness! Work related road trip hasn’t afforded me too much free time. That being said, here is a little something from my personal blog from February about the trials and tribulations of me becoming a DM. Normally I don’t post about D&D here, but I thought I’d throw out stuff I have … Continue reading

How to Make Your Delve Into Dragonfire Dungeon Less Painful

DungeonQuest has quickly become one of my favorite games, but I can’t help but find a few flaws. This is one of the rare games that I’ve house ruled, but it is very open to those changes. The back of the rules book even includes several variants. I’d like to share some of the rules … Continue reading

Star Trek: Pandemic

Captain’s Log. Stardate 8132.4: My crew and I have been captured by an alien presence calling himself a ‘board game reviewer’.  This obtuse interloper claims that he is “writing an article about playing board games solo,” and has recruited us to help him. Spock argued with the mad reviewer that, if we are helping him, … Continue reading