The New Look

Welcome to Autumn everyone! David is back from his writing vacation, JM just rocked us with a series on the Horror Campaign in RPGs, and Josh has been tweeting up a storm (or at least a squall) while indulging in games as of late. I thought it was time for a refreshed look and this … Continue reading

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Hey, it’s me, David. Remember me, one of the original writers for Guilt Free Games? I know you all might think John-Michael is the showrunner now since Josh and I haven’t posted anything in months. While I was distracted by other things (work, writing a novel…video games), JM did an admirable job of keep the … Continue reading

We have a winner!

The winner of our Savage Worlds: Explorer’s Edition is B Lynn. Congratulations B, enjoy your “Fast. Furious. Fun.” as the game likes to say.

Guilt Free Updates

As always, we here at GFG have been very busy in that awful, terrible, oppressive place known as “the real world.” When this happens, I like to pop down here for a minute just to remind people that we haven’t gone  missing and the blog is still alive. We’ve been proud of our first two podcasts, but … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Us!

It’s been one year since we begin Guilt Free Games. We begin as a teeny tiny blog of two people, and we grew into a tiny blog of four people. We have over sixty posts in the last year, which is surprising considering how many months we didn’t really post anything!  Here are some of … Continue reading