Pirate Fluxx

Fluxx is a quickplaying card game that shares plenty in common with Munchkin. Maybe not in playstyle, but definitely in how many freaking editions there are. My only prior Fluxx experience has been Zombie Fluxx, so I can’t compare Pirate Fluxx to many of the other editions. I can however say that I much prefer … Continue reading

Three Dragon Ante: Emperor’s Gambit: When the game being reviewed has a colon in it, I get confused.

Want to know a secret? I don’t got a lot of money to throw around. I know what your thinking: “But, John-Michael, how can that be? You write such awesome articles for Guilt Free Games! Surely, a side effect of all these wonderful game reviews is that you are rich beyond your means!” Alas, this … Continue reading


I didn’t really like Triplica, but it’s not really a game for me. Similar to how I felt about FITs, I could tell it was a good game, but I couldn’t love it. Games like these fall under the jurisdiction of “No dragons, no lasers, no fun,” which is a terrible rule to live by. … Continue reading

Games of the Year – 2009

It’s that time of the year.  Holiday celebrations, New Year’s resolutions, and Best of the Year lists.  It would be a disservice to our readers to pass out Film of the Year awards, so we proudly present Guilt Free Game’s first Game of the Year awards. After several days of debate, we settled on eight categories … Continue reading

Timestreams: Stella! Another one of these damn kids jumped in front of my car! Come on out here and help me take him in the house!

On Tuesday night, the Myriad Games Podcast crew get together to play, talk about and review games. In order to expedite the learning curve for our games, we bring one home to read the rules and prep the game. After all, if we spend most of our time learning the game of the night, our … Continue reading