Dungeons and Dragons 4yoE (Four-Year-Old Edition)

As gamers age (And trust me, D&D is over 30 years old, they are ageing plenty), more gamers want to introduce the hobby to their children. There have been some notable attempts at this, such as RPGkids, but I decided to take an even simpler approach when playing with my cousin who just LOVES dragons. … Continue reading

GM Musings: The TPK

I think I have a reputation amongst those I’ve played with as a wussy GM. I’m not necessarily a pushover, but I’ve made my opinion clear amongst other GMs that I don’t like to put my players in danger. I like to watch stories unfold as my jedi, barbarians, and shadowrunners traipse around like superheroes … Continue reading

GM Musings: Places Remembered

This edition of DM Musings is a little different because it’s not about a D&D encounter I ran. It is about an encounter I played in, but I thought it exemplified a great premise for a fight. Josh ran the combat that I think was from theĀ MaraudersĀ of the Dune Sea module, but he might have … Continue reading

Review: Sickness in Springdale

With our usual weekly campaign on hold last night, we took the opportunity to play “Sickness in Springdale,” a new adventure by Tracy Hurley (aka Sarah Darkmagic). It’s the first 4E adventure in an interesting line that publisher Postmortem Studios calls “6-Pack Adventures.” The quests are designed to be easy to run and play in … Continue reading

Dungeon Doors – You’re Doing It Wrong!

In almost every D&D game I’ve played, I see the same scene play out again and again. The party gets the quest, we march miles through the woods, fight a few kobolds, and we finally come upon the dungeon door. We’re a party of mighty warriors, wise holy men, and spellbinding mages, but a dungeon … Continue reading