Dungeons and Dragons 4yoE (Four-Year-Old Edition)

As gamers age (And trust me, D&D is over 30 years old, they are ageing plenty), more gamers want to introduce the hobby to their children. There have been some notable attempts at this, such as RPGkids, but I decided to take an even simpler approach when playing with my cousin who just LOVES dragons. … Continue reading

Maintaining the Horror Campaign – Chapter 1

“THE thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge.” -Edgar Allen Poe, The Cask of Amantillado As I mentioned in The introduction to Maintaining the Horror Campaign, Josh previously wrote  Dungeon Mastering Horror: Tips on Making your Halloween D&D Game Memorable on Guilt … Continue reading

GM Musings: Star Wars Saga Edition

I finally brought a group together for a second session of my Star Wars Saga campaign, and Josh’s latest article inspired me to share some thoughts on it. I don’t want to get too detailed about upcoming events in the campaign since my players may be reading, but nothing is stopping me from talking about our … Continue reading

The Slaying Stone – A stellar starting experience for D&D fans new and old

Many DMs these days have a love hate relationship with Wizards published adventures. From where I’ve been sitting through the life of 4th edition, they seem to be less and less popular as far as basing a campaign on them goes. They tend to fill gaps, or have bits of them appropriated for the DM’s … Continue reading

Agragorn Goldman’s Advice to the Noob GM: What To Do When the Party Fails Your Crucial Perception Check

Agragorn Goldman has taken time out of his busy schedule of falling down pits and being whallopped by orcs to write another advice column rising out of his own pathetic failures. – David Keldor the fighter and Brandywine the ranger finally make their way to the inner sanctum of the evil wizard’s tower only to … Continue reading