Game Essentials – Hardcore RPG: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition

The Game Essentials series aims to highlight our favorite games in different genres. These games make the best of their setting and mechanics to create an compelling and exciting game experience. The Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing Game is a venerable institution, and it was with much trepidation that I dove into the newest take on … Continue reading

Dungeon Mastering Horror: Tips on making your Halloween D&D game memorable

So I realize I’ve been lagging in my posts. Then I agonized about reviewing something, but I couldn’t settle on anything. Then it came to me: As someone who loves Halloween and horror games, why not impart a little wisdom on you aspiring DMs out there on how to make your Halloween D&D night memorable? … Continue reading

From the archives: Immersing players in the fictional world I’ve created

Please forgive the lateness! Work related road trip hasn’t afforded me too much free time. That being said, here is a little something from my personal blog from February about the trials and tribulations of me becoming a DM. Normally I don’t post about D&D here, but I thought I’d throw out stuff I have … Continue reading

D&D Essentials – 4th Edition meets classic D&D

We tend to stay to stay away from D&D reviews here at GFG, not because we dislike D&D, but because so many blogs out there already do a really admirable job of discussing the various products and what is possible with them. That being said, lately we’ve touched on a few releases that seemed to be geared … Continue reading

Once more to Barovia – Castle Ravenloft Returns!

The mists have rolled in, sitting in the deep valleys of Barovia. There is a chill in the air, and in the distance the sound of the vistani caravans moving down forest paths heralds the return of one of D&D’s classic villains. Count Strahd von Zarovich of Barovia has emerged from his crypt, wrapped in … Continue reading