Jurassic Park: Chaos Theory – A Savage Worlds Adventure

For my generation, Jurassic Park is Star Wars. Well honestly, Star Wars is every generation’s Star Wars, but Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster turned kids of my age onto dinosaurs, CGI, and Sam Neil. Josh and I had been reminiscing about Jurassic Park lately and I realized Savage Worlds would be perfect for running an adventure … Continue reading

We have a winner!

The winner of our Savage Worlds: Explorer’s Edition is B Lynn. Congratulations B, enjoy your “Fast. Furious. Fun.” as the game likes to say.

Guilt Free Updates

As always, we here at GFG have been very busy in that awful, terrible, oppressive place known as “the real world.” When this happens, I like to pop down here for a minute just to remind people that we haven’t gone  missing and the blog is still alive. We’ve been proud of our first two podcasts, but … Continue reading

Guilt Free Chat – Episode 2

Check out Episode 2 here! We now bring you Episode 2 of our stunning, award winning podcast series. This one is a lengthy one. We felt we had to make up for the two week interval. This time around we delve deeply into dungeons of all sorts, from vampire abodes, to dragon’s lairs. Enjoy! 0′ … Continue reading

Giveaway Reminder!

Hey guys! Don’t forget to email guiltfreegames [at] gmail.com before October 1st for your chance to win a FREE copy of Savage Worlds: Explorers Edition. Just mention the giveaway and you’re in! Good luck, The GFG Crew